Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content- Philippians 4:11

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Disney Trip June 2008 - Day 12

Sadly, our vacation is over - we are head home today.  We had a long day, but we are glad to be home.  Here are a few random pictures from our drive today. Entering the tunnel in Alabama.In the tunnelComing over the Mississippi River into ArkansasFinally back on home territory!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Disney Trip June 2008 - Day 11

We met Uncle Charlie somewhere in the bay,or the sound - I am unfamiliar with those ocean terms.  He had his jet ski. Roger and the kiddos rode it and had a blast!  We hung out at this part of the water until we were chased away by storms.  (They chased us to the Dairy Queen - which was a treat for us since we do not have those here at home).  Once it cleared, we went back out to the water and played some more.

Roger's Gramma Nancy took us out to dinner at a place called FishTales. It was pretty yummy!  They we went to Brewsters for some ice cream.

We have had a great time at the beach, but will be headed home in the morning.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Disney Trip June 2008 - Day 10

We were tired last night! The kiddos slept good, well we all did!

When we got in town last night, we got in touch with Roger's uncle who lives fairly close to where we were staying, he came down and spent the day playing at the beach with Roger and the kiddos.  I spent a little time down there, then went back to the room to take a nap.  Once they came up, we went on into Destin to Fudpuckers for dinner.

After dark, Roger and the kiddos went down to the beach to catch ghost crabs.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Disney Trip June 2008 - Day 9

We had a fairly long drive ahead of us today, so we got up and got going. We are headed to Destin!!

Here are some pictures of us on the beach upon arrival. 

Here is the hotel we stayed in  - very nice!

We are all very tired, so we are headed to bed!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Disney Trip June 2008 - Day 8


Glad we saved it for last.  Wasn't too terribly impressed with it. Could have something to do with the fact that it was STAR WARS Weekend and we are NOT Star Wars fans - sadly, I have never seen the movie. Well, I am not sad about it, but some of you may think it is sad.  I have survived fine without it so far!

Ok, enough about Star Wars, on with our day!  Granted we were not that impressed, we did have fun. We were there when the gates opened and we dashed like everyone else to the brand new Toy Story Ride. We started to get in line for fast passes, but EVERYONE was in those lines, so we got in line for the actual ride!  It was about a 20 minute line - not bad considering that Thursday when mom dad and them came, they didn't get to ride it at all! It was a pretty cool ride!  Waiting in line was just as fun because of the way they had is decorated.

From there, we were right at the BackLot Tour, so we went and got in line there.  We were right at the front of that line. The Cast Member asked for volunteer's - so I did what any loving wife would do - I volunteered Roger!  He went behind the door!  We had no idea what we had put him up to!  Once the line was full and it was time for the next round, the families of the volunteers got to be up front.  The volunteers came out and 'acted' out a couple of scenes - out of order - complete with water - (Roger is behind the wheel!)and then we all got to watch how they put movies together in order.  Very cool!  Roger wasn't to terribly upset with me...hehehe...the rest of the BackLot Tour was neat - in a way, but in some ways, it ruins some of the 'magic' of movies!

Coming off the BackLot Tour, we ran right in to the Power Rangers - we each grabbed a kid and jumped in a line. We were the last kid in each line to get the autographs and pictures!  We were right by the Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground, so we ran thru that. Then we were off to find something to eat. Pizza Planet was on the agenda for lunch - then we all spent a little time (and a lot of money) playing the arcade games - hey - you gotta have the full experience to enjoy it!

Time for Lights, Motor, Action!  Really cool stunt show, the kiddos loved it.  Once again, I felt it took away from movies by sharing to much.

We worked our way thru the crowd, stopped by a parade, to end up at Indiana Jones and the Temple Show.  I cared nothing about this, but the kiddos were both looking forward to it (Riley is really into Indianana Jones) but I saw it as an opportunity to sit in the shade and take a break.

On the way out, we went thru one of the stores, and I found some scrapbook stuff!  The kiddos heard High School Musical going on outside, so we watched part of that parade go thru.  We really wanted to stay for the firework show but it was still fairly early, we were hot and tired and we were leaving in the morning, so we decided to head on out.

And guess who we found on the way out!  Riley didn't care much for it, but Samantha was thrilled!

Back at the condo, we got ready to head out the next morning.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Disney Trip June 2008 - Day 7

Today started off slow.  We stuck around until Mom, Dad, Chelle and Em left, then we headed back tothe ER for a re-check. Her leg had cleared up greatly, so the Dr. let us go on about our business!  We headed to Epcot and parked, but from there decided we wanted to go to Magic Kingdom first.  (Our plans were to go to MK, then return and go in Epcot.  We did not have parkhoppers, but thought that we may could use another day at another park - since we missed Thursday. Well, it didn't work that way, so we did miss an extra day at Epcot).

We rode the monorail to MK from Epcot.  There was no one in line, so we rode in the front with the driver.  He could have been a little more friendly, but whatever!  Arriving at MK, we jumped on the Railroad and headed around to Frontier Land to ride Splash Mountian.  In the process, we got caught up in a Woody's Round-Up Parade and got to be a part of it.  They kiddos got to ride stick horses 'around the mountian'  with Bullseye and we did the Hokey Pokey with Jesse!

We rode Splash Mountian - Samantha and I did not care for it.  Roger and Riley loved it though. We headed towards ToonTown, to stand in line for a princess, but the wait was 2 hours - so, we talked Samantha out of it.  We rode Barnstormer, then over to the Indy 500.  We were in line there for quite a while, but the kiddos loved it when we finally got on.  Another favorite of the day was Astro Orbiter.  We ran back thru the gift shops, Samantha needed a new outfit for her Dinsey Girl Doll (like the American Girl) and we jumped back on the monorail to Epcot.  Once we got there and realized we couldn't use up one of our days and get in, we headed back to the hotel to swim. 

We did stop on the way back for dinner - at a way to fancy for our shorts and Razorback TShirts restuarant - but we ate there anyways!  Back at the hotel, we had fun down at the pool.

Disney Trip June 2008 - Day 6

Well, guess where we spent the day!  At the condo - in the bed!  Yep, we had to miss out on the fun of my parents and sisters last day here.  Late Wednesday night, we took Samantha to the ER. She has horrible mosquito bites - all the time- all summer long - and she scratches them.  Well, between the scratching, the being on her feet in the heat for 3 solid days and having a bite right at her sock line for 3 full days, it put us at the ER. Thankfully the DR. trusted us enough to go back to the condo and stay off the feet for the day - returning for a recheck on Friday morning.

Samantha and I slept in - until noon!  Roger and Riley went and got her medicine, bought some breakfast and then went to play putt putt.  They had no idea if we were awake or what, so they brought home lunch for us as well.  I guess that slowing down got to me, so I ate lunch and then went back to bed. Slept pretty much the rest of the day.  Samantha got her daddy to move and arrange the chairs out on the patio so she could sit with her feet propped and watch them ride scooters and she could play dolls. The boys also went and played tennis.

We had dinner cooked for the rest of the crew when they returned from MGM Hollywood Studios.  Then we helped them pack and get ready to head out the next morning. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disney Trip June 2008 - Day 5

Today was Epcot! 

I was a little worried that the rest may find Epcot boring, which, I think to a point they did, BUT, for a homeschool mom - WOW! what a place! 

We did not get to hit as much of the science stuff as I would have liked to, and we missed about half of the countries, but it was a really cool place. The kiddos loved Nemo, and Rog loved the Test Track. The fireworks were pretty neat. I think in order to get the full Epcot, it is a two day place.  One day for the countries and such around the lake and another full day for all of the science stuff up at the front.

Two of my favorite things - Nemo and the Coca Cola place that had all the flavors from around the world.  Even though some of them were YUCK!  It was really cool to try them all - and to see the kiddos trying them all! My mom got some of that on video - which makes it so much more neat than the still photos - listening to all of our reactions.

We went thru all of the countries, eating as much as we could, then parked ourselves to watch the firework display. 

Donald Duck was in Mexico!

Pooh and friends was in Great Britian (I think that is where we were?)

Think that is what my name looks like in Japanese?  It was on one of the walls as we were walking in Japan and it really stood out to me because it looks like my name.