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Friday, October 17, 2008

Disney Trip - October 2008 - Day 8

Our last day here at Disney.  Today we started off at Hollywood Studios.  We headed straight to Toy Story Mania, since we had not been on that ride all week.  When we got to that corner, the line was 60 minutes (shortest is was all week long) and we decided to wait.  A family offered us 4 fast passes and the cast member shared 3 more with us, so we were free for a while and still had a chance to ride the ride.  We started to move from that area and there was a Green Army Man standing there with a very short line.  We jumped in there and got his autograph and the kiddos picture with him.  

From there, we got in line to see Buzz and Woody.  They were not opening the doors for another 20 minutes, but we were 2nd in line, so we waited.  We still had some free time before our return time to the Toy Story ride, so we took in Disney: One Man's Dream, then off to the Caspian thing (was not impressed with this - maybe because I am not into the movies).  Finally, it was time for us to redeem our fast passes for Toy Story Mania!! The fast pass line moved almost as slow as the stand-by line.  Good thing the line is so neat!  We loved the ride when we were there in June, and it was still just as neat!  Since there was an odd number, I ended up being paired with another young girl who was odd in her group.  This was her first time on the ride and she thought it was cool.  After the ride, the rest of our group wanted Turkey Legs (gross!) so on the way to Hollywood Blvd. to grab a bite to eat, we got stopped by the Block Party Bash.  We danced with Flik and the grasshopper from Bug's Life, along with some very hyper cast members!!

Leaving Hollywood Studios, we found a boat that took us along some waterway, past the Boardwalk and the Swan and Dolphin, to the back side of Epcot.  It was about a 30 minute ride, but it was nice and relaxing.  We ended up docking somewhere on the far side of Epcot, back by England/UK and going in that way.

We headed straight for Test Track, since that was the only other we had not covered during the week. The line was 30 minutes, which was also the shortest so far, but we only ended up waiting 15 minutes to ride.  I rode alone on this one also.  The ride is 3 in front, 3 in back and Rog and Ry were going to ride together and me and Samantha.  When we got up there to be next, there were 2 teenage girls that got put with us, so I moved Samantha up with Rog and Ry so the girls could ride together.  After Test Track, we went to Figment and played around in there and then to Honey I Shrunk the Audience.  Riley was worried about 'eating a booger' LOL!!   It was close to dark when we got out of there, so we headed to find a spot for the firework show.  We had what we thought was a great spot - right behind a TREE!!! We still got to see the majority of it though...the kiddos were up by the rail, so they got a better view than the rest of us.  On the way out, we ran by Test Track, but the wait was 60 minutes so we rode Spaceship Earth one last time, then headed to the monorail.  Once at the TTC, we had to wait a bit for the bus back to Shaves In Green (it is really Shades of Green, but Chunky called is this all week long!!).

Back at SoG, we got everything packed up and ready to go. We head out first thing in the morning!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Disney Trip - October 2008 - Day 7

Our day today was spent at Magic Kingdom. When we got there, my father in law bought us all tickets to stay for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  We started off on the train.  Riley and Chunky got to say All Aboard from the back.  

We stayed on for a full trip around, then to Frontier Land.  Samantha also got a chance to say All Aboard!  We got off in Frontier Land and went straight to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  I think I said back in June, that I am a HUGE roller coaster fan!  We ride them where-ever we go and I think of all the roller coasters I have ever ridden - BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD is my all time favorite!!  We all rode it, the kiddos, especially Chunky loved the fast train ride!  After that, we headed towards Pirates of the Caribbean ride (it was closed in June when we were there) on the way, we found Capt'n Hook and Mr. Smeed.  We got our pics with them, rode the ride, got our pics with Peter Pan, then rode the ride again!  After that, we got to see Capt'n Jack Sparrow teach some pirate skills.

We found the Princess show and watched it, then headed to Snow White's ride.  Coming out of there we found some Mickey Ears.  We opted to get some Mickey Ears for everyone, with our names on the back instead of a costume.  

We rode Mad Hatter's Tea Cups and then grabbed our bracelets so we could stay and trick or treat! 

We found the first line - they were giving away HANDFULS of candy!!  From there, we headed to Toontown and rode Barnstormer and then guess what - WE FOUND THE PRINCESSES!!!  We found Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip and while waiting in line to see them, the cast member let us know that Cinderella was coming out next.  We waited for Cinderella!! 

 We followed the path to Tomorrowland that they had marked as Mad Hatter's Halloween Walk, with various stations to collect more candy. Once in Tomorrowland, Roger and I rode Space Mountain and they found Buzz!! 

 Roger and I took the kiddos up into Astro-Orbiter, then we grabbed some ice cream!  We went thru a few more trick or treat stations and then found a place in the middle of the circle in front of the castle to watch the show.  IT was pretty good, there were some figures on the castle and fireworks!  

After that, we headed back to Frontierland and found a place to watch the Boo to You parade.  

It started off with a headless horseman - it was really cool, however, I don't think my picture of it was that great. The parade was cool, it was mostly the villians of the stories.  That wrapped our Halloween night.  The extra tickets were a little pricey, but it was so worth it.  We ended up with about 20 pounds of candy - between just the four of us, that is not even counting what the other 3 got.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disney Trip - October 2008 - Day 6

We started out today at Downtown Disney.  The kiddos had been really good about not asking for anything, and my inlaws were graciously paying for almost all of our meals, so we were feeling ok in the extra money department and gave the kiddos a set amount to spend.  They both did very well with their spending.

Riley started off in the Lego Store and spend a good chunk of his there on the Lego City Fire Station Set.  From there, he found a place to build your own Light Saber, so that is where the rest of his money went.  He was very proud of both of his investments.

Samantha wanted an outfit for her Disney Doll that she had purchased on our trip in June.  She studied hard and decided on the Minne Outfit set.  She also purchased the set of 8 inch princess dolls - it was two box, four dolls in each.  From there, she found the My Little Pony set and we crammed a box FULL of pony stuff. She wsa pretty pleased with what she had found as well.

Lunch was at the Rainforest Cafe - our very favorite place ever to eat!  We love the atmosphere!  If you ever get a chance to go, then please do. The ranking is $$$, but it is so worth it! 

We headed off to Animal Kingdom, and straight to the Kilamanjaro Safari, as it was starting to get late. After the Safari, we talked Roger into going to the first aid booth.  The decision was made during a discussion between his dad and I, when I made the connection that his mom was allergic to cortisone and Roger had been putting Cortison10 on his leg for 2 days.  So, he decided to go to the first aid booth, they gave him something to put on it and he decided to stop using the cortison cream that he was possibly allergic to- hives from something else that he was possibly allergic to.  While he was off there, the kiddos found Stitch.  Rog and his dad had the backpacks with the autograph books in them, so we just got pics with Stitch.  We roamed further into Camp Mickey -Minnie and we found Goofy, so we got in line for him.  We were the last in that line, so we got to play around a little. 

We all went to ride Dinosaur!!  The kiddos loved it! (Personally, it creeps me out a little!)  From there, not really sure where they all went, but Roger and I went to ride Mount Everst.  We love that ride!  It is quite a bit different in the dark. And I actually held my hands up while we were going - something I had trouble doing last time we were there!!

We met them back over at the Dino Play Yard -where they went and dug for bones. After that, had to go below the tree to see It's A Bug's Life. Chunky LOVED the bug show!  After that, we were all tired, so we headed out and back to the hotel for bed!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Disney Trip - October 2008 - Day 5

Today was a fairly short day.  We got a late start and none of the parks had Magic Hours.  We spent today at Epcot, roaming the world!  We had lunch in Mexico, then got on the boat and headed across to the United States.  We watched the American show (I forget what it is called), then started working our way on around the rest of the world.  In Morocco, we saw the Genie and stopped to get his autograph and pictures.  While we were waiting in line, Aladdin and Jasmine joined him!!!  How fun!! They were GREAT!  We had so much fun with them! 

We also learned something new about Princesses....Jasmine told Riley a secret!!  He was embarassed and close to tears then Aladdin convinced him it was because he was special, that she doesn't share her secrets with everyone!!

We found a place to watch the fireworks, then headed out with the masses, back to the hotel.  IT was actually a good thing that we had a fairly early (10pm) night, we needed to do some laundry. Roger's leg still looks bad, but he won't do anything about it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Disney Trip - October 2008 - Day 4

Today we spent the day at Hollywood Studios!  We didn't get on the Toy Story Mania ride, but we did manage to cover everything else!  Including RAIN!  Yes, about 1pm, it started raining, just a little.  By the time we decided to get out the raincoats/ponchos - it was POURING and we were soaked!! By the time we were all outfitted in the raincoats/ponchos, it actually started letting up. We tried hiding under a tree to stay dry, but when the rain is falling heavily sideways, trees are not much help!

We decided to stay and just eventually dry off, wasn't to long before we were fairly dry.  Tonight was Magic Hours here, so after the show, Fantasmic, Roger and I headed to the Rock N Roller Coaster.  The wait was 60 mintues, but we wanted to ride it, so we waited.  It was a pretty cool ride.  I didn't care for the first 2.3 seconds of it, but the rest was awesome!!  Instead of laughing the entire time like I tend to do on roller coasters, I sang! They had Aerosmith cranked up the entire ride!!

With some help of a young lady and her mother in the Rock N Roller Coaster line, Roger decided to ride Tower of Terror with me.  I rode it years ago when I went with a friend, and it had changed a little and WE LOVED IT!!!  This ride comes close to being my favorite - it is right up there with Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain!!

After our thrill rides, we found the rest of the crew and headed out for the night.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Disney Trip - October 2008 - Day 3

WOW!  Our first day here!  

We headed to Epcot today and got to ride Spaceship Earth, Misson Space and Nemo and Friends. 

We also did several things inside Innoventions and Inventions buildings - like Club Cool and Where's the Fire. While at Epcot, we had our first character encounter - Chip and Dale!  

We roamed Epcot for a while, then boarded the monorail and headed over to Magic Kingdom.   Once we got to the Ticket and Transportation Center, we grabbed the Ferry headed over to the park.  Right inside of Magic Kingdom, we ran into Pluto!  

From there, we went to the MKFD, Roger had a Little Rock patch that he wanted to give for their display.  As we were leaving the FD, we noticed that is was close (30 minutes) to time for the SpectroMagic parade, so since we were right where the parade started, we parked ourselves on the curb and waited.  

The kiddos got to play with hula hoops while we were waiting.  The parade was pretty and all 3 of the kiddos were glued to it the entire time.  Once it was over, we followed in behind it (mainly to make our way thru the park) since we had Extra Magic Hours and most everyone else would be leaving.  The kiddos wanted to do the Indy track, so they did that, then we were off to Dumbo!  

On the way to Dumbo, we found Donald Duck.  

So, after our time with him, they all rode Dumbo, then most of them went to Haunted Mansion (Ry said it was too dark, so he and I sat out) We rode It's A Small World, Peter Pan's Flight - with no wait - since there was hardly anyone around.  Our last ride for the night (at 12:40 AM) was Cinderella's Carousel. We rode once, then all started to get off - they found Donald Duck getting on, so they all stayed.  I was trying to get off and Pluto grabbed my arm and pulled me back, I rode again beside Pluto (for most of the ride - he got off the horse and started playing about half way thru).  We all started to get off again, then found Goofy!  

Our last time around on the carousel was with the main 5- Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto - we did get some really good pictures.

So, that is what happens when you stay at the parks until 1 am!  We were seriously some of the last few people out of the park, so cool! This was by far the best day of the whole trip - because of the Magic Hours. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Disney Trip - October 2008 - Day 2

This morning, we headed to a place called Silver Springs

They had Halloween games for the kiddos as well as a craft station.  

There were three different boat rides - glass bottom - they were cool!  The place is built on a spring, so in the glass bottom boats, we got to see all the way down.  

There was a safari ride that was pretty cool, and the bear exhibit had a really cool huge Kodiak Bear in it.  

We got to feed the giraffees, but it wasn't as fun as it could have been because the worker was rushing us. 

The park was fairly small, so we were able to take it all in in the day with out feeling rushed.

Once we left Silver Springs, we headed to Orlando.  We got to our hotel in Orlando, Shades of Green, and got checked in and called it a night, so we could get a start at Epcot and Magic Kingdom!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Disney Trip - October 2008 - Day 1

Our original plans were to leave at 5am, so we didn't hit Memphis at rush hour traffic time this morning.  Well, Roger woke me up at 5:50, told me everything was ready to go, that I needed to get dressed so we could leave!  An hour off schedule first thing!!  We hit the road and had a great day of driving with no issues. We did go thru a rain storm right inside the state of GA, followed by a beautiful rainbow! 

Our final destination for today was Ocala, FL.  We were meeting the kiddos there - and we got there before they did! 

Our first tragedy of the trip - while waiting in the parking lot for the rest of them to arrive, Roger was standing on the curb, which ended up being the gateway to a FireAnt Haven - so his left foot was bitten 5 times by fire ants right off the bat.