Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content- Philippians 4:11

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pigeon Forge - August 2009 - Day 5

Most of  today was spent on the road.  However, before we headed out, we stopped for one more fun!  If you ever get a chance, this was so fun and very funny, please take the time and spend the money to go thru a house of mirrors!! Here are a couple of photos from Ripley's Mirror House:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pigeon Forge - August 2009 - Day 4

Today ~ the sky was the limit!!  Seriously!
First, we went and rode the air tram up to Ober Gatlinburg.
Once at the top, we decided to go further...we rode the scenic sky-lift to Mt. Harrison (little to much for me, but I managed to make it up and back down!)Samantha and I on the way up the side of the mountainRog and I at the topSamantha and I headed back downback down on the air tram
Once back on the lowlands...we decided to see how much further up we could go.  Our first stop was New Found Gap.  It was on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina.

This was pretty high up, and the scenery was beautiful...but we got to go higher! Clingman's Dome is the highest peak in TN and the 3rd highest in the eastern US.  I didn't make it up to the lookout tower, but Rog and the kiddos trekked up there!

Just as they came down the trail, we ended up in the middle of a MAJOR downpour!!  It was rough going down the side of the mountain in the pouring rain!  It let up for a few minutes, and we stopped and waded in the creek - it was very cold!! But it was also pretty!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pigeon Forge - August 2009 - Day 3

Today, we had to go do a silly owner update thing with our time share points.  I say we had to, we do those updates for the prizes and goodies!  Today's update was attached to a 4 pack of Ripley's Aquarium, so we stuck it out for those!
Before we went to the owner update, we had time to go on a quick tour of The Old Mill.  It was cheap and simple, as well as pretty neat!

After that, we surprised the kiddos with a ride in Big Jim - something else that was fairly cheap compared to other things there (plus we had a 4 for the price of 3 coupon, so that made it even better). It was simple, but the kiddos thought it was cool! Well, so did I, heehee...
Finally it was time to visit the aquarium.  We have been there before, but we all still think it is really cool.  Plus, when you have FREE tickets...what more could you ask for? The kiddos wouldn't touch the horseshoe crab, and try as we may, the rays never got close enough for us to get our hands on either.  We did get to see a dive show, it was pretty neat!

Dinner was nothing fancy ~ Pizza Hut, then we headed to check out some scenic views in the park. While driving around, we also made notes of some other things we wanted to do/check out while we were visiting!
This is a pic that Rog took at the aquarium.  I was standing beside him as he snapped it, and we thought my reflection from the glass showing up in the picture was neat.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pigeon Forge - August 2009 - Day 2

After a long day of driving!  Well, I guess it wasn't a really long day full of driving.  We meet with Rog's uncle in Estill for breakfast and it was actually almost 11am when we really headed to Pigeon Forge.  We stopped on the road at a look out, very pretty! 

And, we also stopped and waded in a really COLD creek, also very pretty!

When we finally got there, here was the view from our room:
After unloading the car, we went for a game of Black Light Putt Putt and followed that up with some Laser Tag.  Dinner was at a place called Happy Days, it was pretty yummy!  Then back to the room for the night - well, after swimming it was back to the room!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pigeon Forge - August 2009- Day 1

We headed out this morning for east Tennessee.  We are not supposed to check into our place in Pigeon Forge until tomorrow, but we are starting our trek over there.  We are going to Rog's grandparents and staying there for the night.  Today was a lot of driving.  We didn't leave out until after 9am.  We got to Estill Springs, grabbed a bite to eat and then spent the rest of the day in the pool.  Here are some pool shots:

Rog spent some time working with Samantha, trying to get her to go all the way over in a flip.  She got close:
Everyone was ready for showers and bed!  Another partial day of driving Tuesday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scout Family Camp ~ 2009 ~ Day 2

We got up early this morning and the boys headed to breakfast - Samantha and I passed on another camp fact, here is what she preferred to do:
So, I stayed at the tent with her.  
It got really cold last night, no one slept good, so we went to chapel services, went to slingshots again - still teens and still playing around, then we loaded up and hit the road!  We were headed to Branson!  Here is the bridge that heads into camp, just wanted to share because it is pretty!

We arrived in Branson early afternoon and hung out at the cabin with Gramma and Granpa. The kiddos rode scooters around out front while we got dinner ready, well, on the table. Gramma had put a roast in for dinner.  We ate, then we all piled on the couch to watch the Survivor finale.  Who knew it ran that late... We were all tired and ready to go to bed when the time came!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scout Family Camp ~ 2009 ~ Day 1

We left out this morning and headed to Damascus for Scouting Around the World Family Camp.  Rog has been with Ry to Dad/Cub Camp, I have been for Mom/Cub Camp, so we went as a family this time so Samantha was able to join us.  It was pretty rainy and pretty cool outside, but we toughed it out and had a fun weekend!  There were not many folks there at all.  After Flag Ceremony, we headed to the craft pavilion and made these miniature stepping stones using plaster of paris and some shells and stones.

The kiddos wanted to try their hand at sling shots, so we went there next.  There was no adult over there and I wasn't impressed with Service Patrols (teen boys) that were in that area, but we did spend a bit of time there.  They were aiming kibbles at pie tins - Ry hit the first time - Samantha struggled with it, but enjoyed trying. 

From there, we went to the skills area - know tying and map reading.  The kiddos enjoyed the ropes and Ry practiced his slip-knot skill the rest of the day.  I learned a few things about maps and compasses (not that I plan on being lost in the woods anytime soon, but still - it was neat!). 

Due to the lack of people that actually showed up, they closed down the other craft shack.  We roamed our way down to the shooting sports area. On the way there, we stopped and fished for a few minutes, but they were eager to get to shooting. Once there, the kiddos got a lesson on gun safety and Samantha got to use a bow and arrow for the first time.  They both have had many lessons on gun safety, and Ry has a bow, just Samantha has never shot it.

We had some free time between activities closing and flag ceremony for dinner. The kiddos ran around Rabbit Run (our area) playing with a couple of other kiddos that were there.  Dinner was eeehhh...less than ok... I mean, if I don't eat the potatoes, there sis something wrong with them....LOL
It was pretty cool out, and they were calling for rain/storms, so 'campfire' was in the mess hall.  There were some sing alongs and cookies and hot chocolate.  They also had a pinata to stick with the Around the World theme that the kiddos had a blast with!  Neither of my two got a turn at it - not that Samantha wanted on, but Ry was in line- but the rest of the kiddos were so funny!!  After the busting of the pinata, they turned on the dance music and we all got to dance (lost a little of the worldly theme there, but it was fun!).
Lights out at 10pm didn't come soon enough.  We had a LONG day and were ready for bed!!  Rog and Ry were in one tent, Samantha and I were in another.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nashville ~ 2009

While in Nashville this weekend, we did manage to get in some educational time.  We took off Saturday morning and toured the replica of the Parthenon.  It is in Centennial Park in downtown Nashville.  Here are some shots from the Parthenon and from hanging out at the park.  Mouseover on each picture will tell you about it.
The Parthenon
The little blue dots on the steps are the kiddos!
Those columns were huge!!
The Gryphon on the corner of the building.
Detail around the top.
 The front of Athena sheild
A Gryphon that was in the museum
The other side of Athena's sheild
Up close of her sandal/foot
Here are a couple at the park:
Kiddos on the scooter
A view of the pond