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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fayetteville, AR ~ September 2013 ~ Day 2 (morning)

So, a few months ago mom and I brought the kiddos up to northwest Arkansas to the drive thru zoo and we LOVED it.  We decided while we were up there - waiting on a 6pm game - that's where we would spend the morning.  We had a GREAT time!  Here are a few highlights!

This camel wanted to hang out with us - he wouldn't move from the front of us.

He really wanted to talk to Roger.

Ok- this guy - so ugly he's cute - had us all in tears!  Apparently, he saw his reflection in the side of the car and you an see how he was looking at it - he followed us along quite a while - alternating looking in the car at Roger and then his reflection along the side.

At the petting zoo part - they were allowing us in the cage with a baby lion - SO STINKING CUTE!!!!

Leaping Lemurs - exactly what he did!  He jumped from his perch (you can see the others tail where he was) and landed on Riley's shoulder - even Samantha thought it was funny!

He really like Riley - hung out there for a while...

Then he couldn't decide between Roger and I!  Pretty fun morning with some unusual and exciting opportunities!  

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