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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mystery Vacation ~ March 2015 ~ Day 1

Headed out this morning on a 'Mystery Vacation'. Samantha named it the Mystery Vacation when she started the photo stream - because we told them nothing except pack a bag we are going on a trip! 

 It almost started off bad, when I ended up at the doctor with Riley yesterday and a diagnosis of Type B Flu.  I pulled the doctor out in the hall and told him we were leaving first thing this morning - he gave us all TamiFlu and Riley a handful of masks and told him not to breathe on the rest of us and we should be OK.  He slept a lot the first couple of days, but he did get to feeling better and perked up a couple of days in.

We had clues for most mornings - to give the kiddos an idea of where we may be going. Today's destination - New Orleans. There were not many exciting stops on the way down and they still weren't completely sure where we were going.

Our first bit of excitement was going over the Pontchartrain Causeway- the longest, continuous bridge over water in the world. 24 miles from start to finish. It was pretty cool - drawbridge was neat and once you got about halfway across you could see the New Orleans skyline. This was considered excitement - because if you have ever traveled from central AR to New Orleans - well - this was exciting!!!  Oh, and Roger HATES driving over bridges!!  

Traffic there was crazy. We drove past the SuperDome on the way to the hotel, along with tons of trees that were still decorated with Mardi Gras beads. After we got checked in, we set out walking. We were planning to meet one of Roger's high school friends for dinner. We had some time to pass until we were to meet him so we walked to the river and hung out down there for a bit.

The walk to Hard Rock Cafe was an interesting one and after dinner, Elliot took us a little ways down Bourbon Street and back up to Canal Street. The whole atmosphere was neat - definitely a party city! One of the things on Bourbon Street - a guy gave us beads, but because we wouldn't give him a tip he wanted them back. Elliot told us that the streets were full of people just trying to make a living. The one thing that really stood out to me was the population of homeless people - sleeping where ever.

We didn't stay out too late, we were all tired from the long drive and honestly, I was a little freaked out. When your told put your wallets in your front pockets and don't carry things in your back pockets - yeah, kinda scares me that it's that easy. I know it's that easy anywhere, but to have been warned...

Overall, New Orleans was a neat town, glad I went, but I really don't know that I have any desire to go back - at least not anytime soon - other places I want to visit before I return there!

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