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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mystery Vacation ~ March 2015 ~ Day 10

I never heard the kiddos come in from midnight dodgeball last night. Samantha says she woke me and told me, but I don't remember. When we woke up at 'stupid o'clock' (as the activities director would say) we were along the coast of Jamaica - from the best we could tell on the tv map, just passing the Montego Bay Area. I got up and went to the top deck, hoping to get some photos of the sun rise, it was pretty cloudy and I got nothing coming over the water, but did manage to get a few after it was already up.

Returning back to the room, we had room service for breakfast (just donuts and pastries, but we were able to eat and get ready to go) and stood out on the back deck and watch the pilot boat come in, and the pilot back the ship in to the dock at Falmouth. The ship stirred up tons of sand- so we were pretty close to bottom as we backed in.

We headed to our meeting place and waited for the all clear from the shore and then headed to the gangway. Short walk to the van and we were met by Ryan and Salvia - our driver and guides from Juta Tours - some of the best tour guides ever. The van ride to Ocho Rios took right at an hour. We arrived at a place called Mystic Mountain for our 'Tranopy Adventure'! After a long wait in line for the SkyChair, we headed up the side of the mountain, over the rainforest - about a 20 minute ride on the lift.

Once up top, we were shown to the zip line area where, after about a 10 minute wait, we were suited up with our harnesses. Silly lady helping me put mine on twisted one of my legs and I had to practically start all over. 

I thought I was going to be a little nervous about it, but I wasn't!  A short walk and we were at the first line. Our two guides - Oren and Dwight- were great. Dwight went first, to be able to catch us, and then Oren called me out to go first - I wasn't scared, I just didn't think I wanted to go first - his response- you're second, Dwight went first.  So, I stepped up on the box and got clipped to the line and off I went. It was awesome! The first line was about 90 meters and was so much fun! Roger went last of us and took pics of us stepping off the box and going. After everyone got down, they sent Roger first, so he could get pics of us coming down the second line. It was about 120 meters and went a bit faster- still awesome. 

I took the camera so I could get some pics of Roger coming in. Third line was about 30 meters, then the fourth took our photo and then took us to a drop- we were hooked up and then stepped over the side and dropped down about 30 feet down to a swinging bridge. 

Over the bridge was the last line, the longest of all.  Roger took the camera back and flipped it to video for the last line. It was also fastest. Riley said he stalled out at the end and the guide had to grab his foot to get him on in. On this final platform, we were able to view photos- and the camera didn't even flash and get me! She did give me a bit of a deal on the others, since it didn't take mine!

Back on the SkyChair for the rest of the way down the mountain and back up for the Jamaican Bobsled Adventure. This part wasn't as long, but was equally neat! We were all placed in our own individual bobsleds, taught how to slow down/speed up and were sent down the track. I was last on this line and they did manage to get my picture here! At the bottom of the track, you were put on a cable and hoisted back up the track. After it was over, we discussed that we all managed to keep the brake all the way open and go full speed the entire track - which was pretty rough in a couple of places. It went at some crazy, fast speeds.

After that little adventure, we were back at the top of the mountain for lunch. Jamaican Jerk Chicken and peas and rice! really good! The rice was super spicy to me, but the chicken was great.

Our tour was over and it was time to head back down the mountain on the SkyChair for the final time. View up there was so pretty!

An hour back to port, a little shopping and then we were back on the ship.  Tonight is pirate night, so the ship left us a pirate bandana and we had bought eye patches, so we donned our pirate gear and headed out to dinner - at Carioca's again.  Jamaican themed food.

We got the kiddos to take our photo with Amy and Lena, our table mates and Greenridge and Gabriel, our servers.  As you can see, we did have fun with them this week!  

After dinner, we headed to the top deck for the Pirate Party and fireworks - it was super windy up there - but we stayed until the music ended.  Riley had left dinner at went to Vibe to hang out at the party with the other teens. Samantha went to the party with us and then once it was over her and the girls went down to the Edge (the tween hangout).

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