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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mystery Vacation ~ March 2015 ~ Day 13

Sad day - we were already back in port when we woke up this morning. We finished packing up and then went down to our final meal with our new found friends. After the long line in customs, we were sent off to our car.

When we got in the car, Samantha said - ok, forget about what I said last week - about what was the best part - because now I don't know! Before we even got started, one of them says- ok, now was that all? Haha! Conveniently, I pull out the next clue. I read it to them, they talked for about 5 minutes and then they both crashed. Well, they called Gramma and Grannie and checked in with them first, then they were out!

We headed toward Miami, with our first stopping point being Ft. Lauderdale and Gator Boys. I was a little nervous, I was still feeling a bit woozy and wasn't too sure about another boat ride- but the kiddos were both pretty excited about it. We were able to get right on a boat- Captain Larry had room for us - and off we went. It was about a 45 minute boat ride and tour of part of the Everglades.

We did manage to see a couple of alligators and we learned some really cool facts about them - like the spikes on their tails - they grow when they are exposed to the sun, which is why you see gators sunning, they are preparing their defense. 

There were also some other pretty neat things out there- a buttonwood flower (I think that's what it was called) and a button worm (apparently you can eat them- but he called them nature's laxative, so go easy on them). 

Bunch of birds- mostly vultures- they were kinda cool and kinda creepy at the same time. The boat ride wasn't too bad - actually, it was pretty fun! The fast strips were the best, of course, but I think that was because it got a little bit of air circulating! It was pretty hot out and well, we were cramped in a semi-enclosed boat and let's just say - deodorant people! Whew! Overall- airboat was a pretty cool experience - Roger has always wanted to do that, so he really enjoyed it!

Once the boat ride was over, there was an alligator show- I skipped that and went to the car - it was hot and the show was standing area to view - so I left them for that. When they got to the car, they said it was pretty cool - the kiddos both got to hold a baby alligator!

Since we hadn't eaten since breakfast, we headed to another place that Roger (& I) have always wanted to do - Dave & Busters. Dining was pretty good (remember, still not feeling great). Potato skins were awesome, burger was seasoned great. Kiddos both had pasta and said it was delicious. After eating, we took off to play. I'm still not real sure how their 'points' worked - we got a $25 card that was 170 points. We played QuadAir first (four player air hockey) and it was like 7.9 points. My first thought was - well, this will go fast. We split up, played games, ran into each other, won tickets, challenged each other, played some more and then at some point, I looked at my balance - 121.6 point still. WHAT?? We kept playing and the points didn't seem to be going as fast as we thought they would. I was finally down to 60something and Roger was pretty close to that when Sam found us and said she was out. I played a couple more games then gave mine to her - Riley still had over 70points. When we were all played out, off to cash in our tickets - Roger and I had 1500 and Sam had 600 something. We shopped for a while, ended up with a new cup and a good quality stuffed D&B bear and some candy to finish the tickets off. The kiddos got a couple things - a small basket ball and a stuffed animal thing for a friend.

Finally back on the road to final destination of the day - Miami hotel! Nice quiet place. We didn't get there in time for the pool, but we were able to relax and chill for a bit before bed.

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