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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mystery Vacation ~ March 2015 ~ Day 15

The sun was pretty coming up - even though I mostly missed it.  I went out early, but it was cloudy and I didn't think I would see it, so I went back in to the lobby (everything outside was wet and my crew was sleeping).  Roger called a few minutes after I got in and said the sun was coming up - so I went back out and got a couple of pics. We went down and visited with the dolphins this morning also.

Plans for today include Key West. We weren't real sure what we were going to do when we got there. We were actually staying about an hour away, so we discussed some options on the way down. Roger decided it would be fun to rent a little electric car and just cruise around Key West, stopping when we saw something neat.

Once we tracked down an electric car (there were 2 cruise ships docked, so the town was busy) we headed out. It was a neat little thing to ride around in for a tourist town, I wouldn't want something that small for daily use.

Our first stop, Southernmost Point. There was quite a line to get up to it, thankfully it was in the shade! There was a family behind us talking strategy to quickly get their pics taken by the buoy, so I turned around and told them we would get all of them if they would get one of us. They liked that idea, so we were able to get a good pic of the four of us- even though we have enjoyed taking family selfies & have about perfected it!

After Southernmost Point, we drove around town for a bit - had to pass Mile Marker 0 and get a picture of that! Drove past the light house, drove up and down Duval Street.

We had read about a Firefighter Museum, so after more driving, we finally found it. Small building, lots of town history, several firefighter items- including some really cool tributes to 9-11.

From there, we went to the town Cemetery and drove through it. It was pretty cool. Lots of history there also - we saw stones that dated back to 1837 - plus many more that were crumbling beyond recognition. Many huge, awesome mausoleums that were obviously money families. We searched some of the names and were convinced they were!

Of course, we had to have some original Key Lime Pie! We found Kermit's Key Lime and had a piece of yummy pie!

Time to get the car back, so back down Duval Street - the crowd was starting to get interesting, so we opted out of visiting Mallory Square for sundown (although, I do recommend going there if you are in the area- Roger and I have been there before and the kiddos didn't care to go - so that's why we skipped it) and headed back toward where we were staying. We did stop and dip our feet in the Atlantic Ocean for a few before leaving Key West. 

Arky managed to get into another photo - coming back across the Seven Mile Bridge

We found a place called Porky's BBQ & Fish for dinner. There was no wait to get a table, but it took forever before we were waited on. Roger ordered corn beef and cabbage, the rest of us stuck with the plain stuff on the menu- but it was all really good.  After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for shower, but didn't make it all the way without a stop.  Right at dusk, we were driving along, chatting and looking around - all of the sudden, Roger says "I'm stopping" I thought Ok- fine.  Look up - a motorcycle was on it's side in the middle of the street.  Yep, we lost him to a vehicle accident - again.  He jumped out and ran to help while I moved the car.  The kiddos and I sat and watched emergency vehicles come in. Roger helped for about 30 minutes and stayed until they got the patient loaded in the ambulance.  He is down to one pair of gloves in my car now, so he either needs to restock or quit stopping!!

We finally made it back to the hotel for showers and bed - but Riley left us again to go to the fire pit - and watch the big screen movie by the lagoon. 

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