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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mystery Vacation ~ March 2015 ~ Day 2

We got up this morning and walked down to Cafe Du Monde and had beignets for breakfast.  

After breakfast we walked around Jackson Square and went into the oldest operating cathedral in the US. 

We walked down to the river walk and while the kiddos were taking photos, Roger and I decided to do the horse drawn carriage ride tours. The ride took us on a 30 minute tour of the city- down thru Bourbon Street and around the square. The driver had a lot of information - but he was hard to understand - I think we got most of it though. 

After the carriage ride, we walked back over to the river and followed the river walk back to Canal Street to the hotel. On the way back, the kiddos hopped on a pedicab and took a quick ride around the block.

For our first major stop, that we surprised the kiddos with - Villalobos, where Pit Bulls and Paroles is filmed. Samantha was over excited! She was so funny when she figured it out - she actually slapped herself! She meant to just put her hand up to her face in excitement, but she got a little carried way! We all laughed until we cried!

We get down there and are waiting outside in line and heard a horrible commotion - and then watched the last half of a pretty bad wreck happen. Roger and several others in line took off down there to see if they could help. The guy who worked at Villalobos was one who took off to the wreck. He came back once he knew everyone was ok and we went ahead with the tour. Roger stayed at the wreck and helped for a while and ended up missing the tour with us - he was fine with not going thru. Samantha was able to tell him a lot- including that she got to meet Earl - one of the guys who works at Villalobos & is on the show. He had an exciting story to tell as well. The chief of EMS that was working the call was a guy he knew from years ago who would come to LR. Ken Bouvier remembered Roger also.

Back on the road again- destination USS Alabama. Kiddos decided they were fine with not going to that, so we ended up stopping at the beach for a few minutes in Pass Christian, Mississippi. It was a pretty place, we didn't stay long, I was just itching to get my toes in the water!

In the photo here is Arky. He is our Travel Pals mascot for the class I help with at Co-op.  They asked if Arky could go with us and see the world.  We had fun with him, and he makes an appearance in many of our photos!

We finally arrived at Crestview. This stop was on our route so we could stop and have dinner with Roger's family. Every time we come to Florida, we make it a point to come via Crestview so we can see Gramna Nancy and Uncle Charlie and his crew. They met us for dinner at the Hub Smokehouse. Really good dinner! Kind of a hole in the wall place and I'm not sure we would have went there on our own - but it was really good! I even tried their banana pudding (yuck! I still don't like bananas!).

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