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Friday, March 6, 2015

Mystery Vacation ~ March 2015 ~ Day 4

The sun rising was a little disappointing - well, more like non-existent. It was pretty cool and cloudy in Daytona this morning, so we got on the road quickly.

Our destination today wasn't as far - Universal Studios Orlando! Kiddos didn't figure this clue out completely until the GPS said to turn on Universal Drive. Samantha knew where we were talking about, but didn't remember what it was called.

We arrived at Loew's Royal Pacific Resort and luckily our room was available- so we unloaded the car and headed to the water taxi to take us to Universal Studios. First stop - something to eat - we went to Mel's Diner on the Hollywood Walk. Pretty good burger & fries!

First ride stop- Minion Mayhem! Too cute! It was a 4D ride (much like everything else in Universal) and was really a fun ride. 

"It's so fluffy! I'm gonna die!"

From there, we went the land of far, far away and rode the Shrek ride. Samantha got her picture taken in front of the Mystery Machine and Roger and Riley got theirs taken with Optimus Prime. 

The boys didn't want to ride the silly kiddos ride at The Simpsons part, so Samantha and I rode it alone. We all went inside the Krustyland Ride - it was another 4D, maybe the best one (my opinion!). The Men In Black ride was kinda fun - you were fighting the aliens and had targets to shoot at.  Samantha kicked our butts on that game!! 

Roger, Samantha and Riley rode the Rip It, Rock It, Ride It Roller Coaster (the seats didn't fit me right) and then Samantha went back through the line and rode again by herself!! 

Other rides we rode were The Mummy, Twister Alley, Disaster, Transformers and went and watched the animal show.

We went into Diagon Alley and roamed around there. 

They rode the Gringotts Bank ride - twice. The dragon breathing the fire was pretty neat. Inside Diagon Alley was pretty neat - it looked just like in the movies. I was so glad I made us watch all the movies before we went! Really think it made a difference! If you're planning a Universal trip, be sure to watch or review the movies before you go!

As we were getting ready to go, Riley wanted to go ride The Mummy again and Samantha and Roger headed back to the Roller Coaster.

It started getting cold - it had been kinda misty raining all day - so we headed back toward the hotel. The boat ride back was pretty cold and the restaurant we could afford was outside seating!!! BRRR!!! We were all cold and tired by the time we got back to the room!

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