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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mystery Vacation ~ March 2015 ~ Day 8

Today when we woke up, we were almost to Cozumel, Mexico. We sat outside and watched as we got closer to land. Once we docked, we went  to top deck to get a better view. Our excursion, or port adventure, was to meet at 9:15. Once there, we were taken as a group to the tour guide on the island. Our guides were Omar and something that we never understood.

Our adventure for today was called Jungle Buggies. We climbed into a Polaris Razor- Roger driving of course- and headed out to the beach. The ride there was almost an hour. Those little Razors can move!

Once at Punta Sur park, our first stop was a small ancient Mayan temple.  It was a tiny temple and had very small doors. The guide told us it was primarily used as a weather station- to be able to warn the main land when there was a tropical storm or hurricane coming. He told us they used the conch shell and when they blew into it, it would make a loud noise. The way this temple was set up, there were several conch shells, facing different directions, so when the winds started, it would blow through the shells, sounding the alarm, warning mainland of the coming storm.

Across from the temple was a swampy area that was a good crocodile sighting place. We walked down a rickety pathway to where we were over the swamp part. There was actually one crocodile right there in the area. We were told she was there guarding her nest, that was up under the walk way. Out in the swamp, we could see a bump - there was another crocodile out there. Roger and the kiddos went up the lookout tower- it was a lot of steps, so I passed. They were able to see the bump out in the swamp a little better from there. As we were leaving, one lady mentioned that the steps were pretty unstable and the. One of the guys on the tour with us missed a step and slipped a little on the way down. I said- and that's why I didn't go up the tower - Roger told me the steps were bad and although it was neat up there, it was better I didn't go.

Finally we arrive at the beach for the snorkeling part of the tour. It ended up being a guided -here's-where-we're-going type event, instead of here's your gear and here's the water free for all like I was hoping. We all swam out to a buoy and were on a reef when we got out there to it. Swimming out there was hard - for me anyways - because we were swimming against the current. I felt like I was just spinning my wheels. Roger helped me a lot getting out there.  Once out there, I was a little better as we swam along the current. I am not a mouth breather, so I really struggles with the mask and snorkel - I would get a sense of panic when I would put my face under, because I could breathe out my nose. I was able to swim along the current- with mask and snorkel - for a good part of it. The water was rough and choppy- Roger took some pictures, but I didn't really see anything. The tour guide found a huge starfish and picked it up for us to see. The swim back - you would think would be a bit easier, since we were riding the waves in - nope - it was worse. Roger pulled me almost the entire time. I even ended up with a bruise because of it. Once back, we settled on the beach and had some nachos from the bar. Samantha was wanting to try real Mexican cheese dip - but nachos and chips and salsa was as close as we were able to get. We had a little time to play on the beach and in the water, but it was so rough, they passed. Omar apologized for the water and said its usually much more calm and people are able to see quite a bit. Wasn't his fault and the kiddos enjoyed it- so, that's mainly what counts. Both kiddos had their GoPros. Riley filmed the entire time in the water, but being on that tiny screen, it's hard to tell if he saw anything. Not sure what Samantha ended up with.

Our last stop on the tour was a lighthouse. The lighthouse was pretty, and there was a small museum that we ended up skipping to go shopping. I ended up with a new ankle bracelet and everyone else got a hat.  I was thinking about driving back, but at our first stop, Roger said you had to be aggressive on the road with it, so I just drove it on the beach area, that was enough for me. Riley and Samantha both wanted to drive, but it requires a valid drivers license.

Once back to the pier, we headed on back to the ship. We were all covered in sunscreen, salt and sand! We all needed a shower and to chill before dinner time. Room service brought us cookies and Mickey ice cream bars. Riley wasn't able to go up to Vibe until after dinner tonight - due to not following our rules the day before- so he took a shower and curled up on the couch and went to sleep. Sam headed up to the slides again, and then to Vibe before dinner. The dinner time show tonight was Magic Dave - for the family. He was pretty funny still.

Dinner was at Animator's Palate. The whole place was black and white - in the beginning. The walls, the pictures on the walls, the waiters were wearing black and white vests. While waiting on dinner, the pictures on the walls were the drawings being drawn. Between dinner and dessert, everything started getting color and then Fantasia Mickey made an appearance - followed by all of the waiters in their colorful vests. This was probably my favorite place to eat of all - too bad we had assigned dining and we only get to eat there twice.

After dinner, the kiddos took off back up to Vibe - they were having game night until 2am. Roger and I went to the adult lounge to watch the Match Your Mate game - funniest newlywed game show ever! After that was over, Roger and I crashed - I heard the kiddos come in around 2am.

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