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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mystery Vacation ~ March 2015 ~ Day 9

Our port adventure didn't meet until 10:15 this morning, so we were able to let the kiddos sleep, have a decent breakfast and not be rushed this morning. Today's adventure- Grand Cayman! This is probably one of my favorite cruise destinations. It was on our first cruise and it was for this one also. We had to take a tender boat to the island because the ship cannot get close enough to dock.

Our tour guide we started out with was Darrin. He was pretty neat - very informative. He told us that Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift and Paul Allen were on the island that day. He told us the yacht we saw out in the sea as we came in probably belonged to Paul Allen. Our tour today consisted of a few stops. First one was Turtle Farm!! Probably my favorite place of the whole vacation! We got to hold the babies!! They are soooo cute and so sweet! Sea Turtles are my absolute favorite animal (giraffe and zebras are a close second!). We were able to touch the bigger turtles - well, Darrin told us we could but someone that worked there told us to get our hands out of the tank! Oops - I blamed Darrin! There was an alligator there and we happened upon him and feeding time - that was pretty neat to watch. We wandered further around and there was a play tank and we were able to get in water that was about thigh deep and play with the babies that are in there!!! OMW! Best thing ever!!!

After the turtles, we drove a little further on the island and went to the town of Hell. Not much there, a burnt looking forest area - he told us why it was like that - not because of a volcano - but it was a coral reef that was once under water and the sunlight had turned it black.  There was a little post office there - I bought some postcards and dropped them in the mail so we could get a card with postmark Hell. I sent cards to family also.

Our final stop on this tour was a boat out to stingray city! Ride out was nice. Samantha didn't want to get in the water with them. We made her. Before it as over, she ended kissing one of the stingrays! The water was fairly calm and the Rays were swimming around, rubbing against legs (eww!) and getting their photos taken. I was glad we brought our masks - it was pretty cool to look under the water and watch them.

On the ride back, we passed the huge line for the tender boats and got worried. Once we actually got down to the port, Disney Magic people meet us at a gate with a cool towel, and glass of cold water and we were put right on a boat. It left the port soon after we got on- goodbye long line! Have fun waiting!

Once back on the ship, the kiddos disappeared for Vibe. Roger and I headed toward the slides. The winding slide was cool - the drop slide - not so much!! Roger loved it and went back on it again.

Dinner was back at Caricoa's. Riley didn't even come to dinner - he hung out at Vibe all night. Samantha joined us for dinner, but she headed for vine soon after. After dinner we headed to the adult hypnotist show.  We were not to impressed with it- but it was something to do.

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