Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content- Philippians 4:11

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Branson ~ May 2015 ~ Day 2

Today was a pretty laid back, relaxing day at the cabin. 

Went to the in-laws cabin for breakfast & then I decided to go to the Garden Chapel Sunday Service. It was windy & rainy out. The shuttle dropped a few of us off at the walkway, instead of up by the door. While walking the path, I slipped and fell - banged myself up pretty bad, but I think I'll live. 

Once I got back to the cabin, it had been decided by the kiddos that we go shopping. We took separate vehicles into town and met up at Branson Landing. We roamed around there for most of the morning/afternoon. While Riley shopping at Bass Pro, Sam wanted to go to Don't 4get About Me, a pet store that (used to) carries the banana she has with fire hydrants all over it. She bought the last two and they are no longer carrying that line. We put the younge two boys through the hurricane similator and then found some lunch. BBQ at Crazy Dave's was pretty yummy! Especially since Rogers sugar was crashing fast. Samantha found a Build-A-Bear and wanted a Girl Scout bear. She went in there, and Riley found a RideMakerz and made a car. 

They all headed back to the cabin and Roger and I headed for groceries.... After dinner, the kiddos went swimming (& didn't take my camera!). 

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