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Friday, September 18, 2015

Sojourn to Savannah ~ September 2015 ~ Day 3

Started off this morning by searching for a cache by hotel - we found it in a tree! Aly climbed in the tree to get it and Carol was so excited about her first cache find, she walked right into one of the low branches and bumped her head!

Historic Savannah Museum and the Train Depot was the first stop of the day. Very neat little museum, in the old train depot, that shared the history of the town of Savannah.  Very interesting little town!  Lots of history there!  

The Andrew Low House was next.  Andrew Low was Juliette Gordon Low's husband.  The house they lived in -her for only a short while- is one of the historic houses that is a popular tour place. It was funny to hear the different tour guides from the different places (the Low House, First Headquarters, Gordon House and the trolley) they all had just a slightly different version that the one we had just heard. 

First headquarters - where we found another cache! The Low House and the Headquarters were backed up to each other - not connected- but shared a back garden wall.  

We headed down to the RiverWalk for lunch and some shopping!  Very pretty down there. We had lunch at a place called Wet Willie's - which was a daiquiri bar - sadly, most all the places to eat in Savannah - especially along the RiverWalk - were all bars. We did a little walking along the RiverWalk - but I didn't go far from the elevator back up to the street level!  

Dinner was at The Melting Pot. I didn't think I would be very impressed with it - I was wrong!  It was so yummy & filling & fun!!


We had a Ghost Walk planned for after dinner, but it went long and we ended up missing the ghost walk.  We did head down to one of the squares and hung out down there listening to the music for a while! The atmosphere down at the square was neat.

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