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Monday, October 19, 2015

Branson ~ October 2015 ~ Day 2

Monday wasn't a very exciting day.  Well, I say it wasn't... we went down to Branson Landing to shop and while Sam and I were in a store, the rest of the crew came upon a lady who had fallen and hit her head on the concrete blocks that trim out all of the trees there.  I don't know many details, she had already fallen when they found her, they sat with her until medics came.  Other than that, nothing major about the morning!  

We did go into "Don't Forget About Me", the pet store at the Landing.  Sam wants to go in there every time we go.  They have a pet wall, and Hydrent's photo finally made it on the wall!  There are tons of pet photos on the wall, so that was pretty cool! 

Here's all the photos on their wall behind the counter:

And here's all the ones by the door:

Here's Hydrent - he's by the door:

Monday was also our trip to the Amish Store - one of our favorite places to shop! They have the best red beans & rice, and some pretty good chicken noodle soup (I always add more chicken!).  Kiddos don't like going in there - they say it stinks - but they have a neat selection of foods and we try and find something new to try each time. 

And, we can't go to town without stopping at Andy's and getting a custard concrete!!  After that - it was back to the cabin and the kiddos went for a swim!

Since Big Cedar has done some reconstruction of their roadways - they now have an awesome new overlook on the way down the hill. We decided to head up there and get some photos of the sunset - wasn't the greatest sunset, but the pics were fun!

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