Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content- Philippians 4:11

Friday, May 22, 2015

Branson ~ May 2015 ~ Day 7

This morning, we had to check out of Big Cedar, but we weren't ready to head home yet.  The Arkansas Travelers are playing in Springfield, so we are going to go a little further north and take in the ball game. 

Since the game doesn't start until later this evening, we did a bit more shopping in Branson- and hit the batting cages - then we ate at Great American Chicken and Steak before moving on towards Springfield.

We had talked about visiting Clue Pursuit; The Escape Room in Springfield, but the rooms were all booked for Friday. We opted for Safari Drive Thru Park instead - and it was such an awesome choice!! We had SO MUCH FUN with the animals!!  They were all so interactive!  We spent time there until it was time for the Travelers game!

At the game, we had awesome seats - front row - right above the visitor dugout! The Springfield Cardinal mascot- Louie - was hilarious!  Even though the Travelers lost, we had a fun time being there watching them!

We hit the road to head home tomorrow!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Branson ~ May 2015 ~ Day 6

Well, today was probably the most relaxing day yet. After breakfast, I did nothing! 

The inlaws and Samantha left about 10am and I parked it on the couch and didn't move much further. 

Roger and Riley went out at one point and played putt-putt, and then after dinner they walked to the clubhouse and marina. Mostly just chilled at the cabin. 

They are watching the AR Razorbacks play baseball and I'm headed to bed - early! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Branson ~ May 2015 ~ Day 5

This morning - hanging out at the cabin. This has been a very relaxing and low key vacation. I'm loving it so far, but it's not making for an interesting blog time! 

This afternoon it was back to town. We needed to exchange something that Samantha had purchased - that broke immediately after opening- and Roger and I had decided it was time for a new skillet. My Pamapered Chef pan that I have and for about 15 years has seen better days. We are giving it up for a new Hamilton Beach Ceramic (& we love it, by the way!). A few other stops, in the rain and then off to the custard place! If you're ever in Branson, Andy's Custard is a must try! 

On the way back to the cabin, we stopped in at the Dam Site Visitor's Center.  They used to do Dam Tours, but we have never taken the time to go on one - seems as though we should have - because the Corps and the city are in some sort of disagreement and they are no longer offered... bummer....

Back to the cabin for dinner and Survivor season finale! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Branson ~ May 2015 ~ Day 4

The littles are due to go home today, which means Roger has to go back halfway with his dad to meet and drop off. 

Before time to go, there was a trip to the pool. They took the camera this time and got a few pics. 

After the guys hit the road (Riley went with them), we headed back into town for some girl shopping. Samantha did very well, ended up with a couple new swimsuits and a few other things. I even ended up with a new suit! 

Guys stopped at the Buffalo River - it was pretty high, flowing fast. Nervous about that - both kiddos have a float trip planned in the next few weeks! Maybe it will go down fairly quick - if it will ever stop raining. 

Quite evening, hanging out at the cabin, dinner and not much more. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Branson ~ May 2015 ~ Day 3

I was a little sore today, but I expected to be. 

After a big breakfast, we loaded up and headedto the Top Of The Rock for the cave tour. Nice little drive thru the mountains in a golf car, pretty views and overlooks and a drive thru a cave. 

Once we completed that tour, we headed into town. First stop - Promised Land Zoo. Little pricy to get in, but the experience is more than at other zoos. Bird house where you can feed the birds, petting zoo type area where you can feed other animals - not just farm ones! Zebras, kangaroos, llamas. Many other type of animals are there for viewing as well. There are live animal showings - not anything mean, but they bring out animals that are not out for show and let you pet them while they tell you about them. Baby kangaroos, large albino Python, a coatimundi baby, caracal and a few others. After the animal encounter, they offer feeding time for the guests. Last year when we went, there was a baby zebra we got to bottle feed - he's grown up now. They did get to bottle feed baby llamas and baby goats. I think the kiddos loved it! I know I do- the animals are so funny! 

We left the zoo and headed to the track. Kiddos have been screaming go-karts, so off we went! The littles (age 10) we able to drive the bumper cars alone - I stood and snapped photos! That was just as fun! Watch their faces! They finished up the bumper cars and went off to the small track. I think the littles got to drive there also. Next up - the big track. The littles had to pair up with the adults, but Samantha and Riley are able to drive on their own. I headed around to the viewing area and was able to snap some good shots of them all. 


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Branson ~ May 2015 ~ Day 2

Today was a pretty laid back, relaxing day at the cabin. 

Went to the in-laws cabin for breakfast & then I decided to go to the Garden Chapel Sunday Service. It was windy & rainy out. The shuttle dropped a few of us off at the walkway, instead of up by the door. While walking the path, I slipped and fell - banged myself up pretty bad, but I think I'll live. 

Once I got back to the cabin, it had been decided by the kiddos that we go shopping. We took separate vehicles into town and met up at Branson Landing. We roamed around there for most of the morning/afternoon. While Riley shopping at Bass Pro, Sam wanted to go to Don't 4get About Me, a pet store that (used to) carries the banana she has with fire hydrants all over it. She bought the last two and they are no longer carrying that line. We put the younge two boys through the hurricane similator and then found some lunch. BBQ at Crazy Dave's was pretty yummy! Especially since Rogers sugar was crashing fast. Samantha found a Build-A-Bear and wanted a Girl Scout bear. She went in there, and Riley found a RideMakerz and made a car. 

They all headed back to the cabin and Roger and I headed for groceries.... After dinner, the kiddos went swimming (& didn't take my camera!). 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Branson ~ May 2015 ~ Day 1

The original plans were to head up to Branson late today, after the homeschool graduation. However, after doing the Lupus Walk this morning we were all tired and (sadly) skipped out on the graduation and headed straight to the cabin. 

Had a great drive up, kiddos were both in an awesome mood and we laughed the whole trip. Arrived at the cabin in time to help with dinner. 

Once dinner was over, we learned of a 'Glowing Up The Night' Scavenger Hunt. We signed the 4 kiddos and gramma up as a team. The hunt took place all over the Big Cedar grounds. We watched for a bit and then headed on up to our room for bed. Was a long day for me and I am tired.