Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content- Philippians 4:11

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tennessee Trip ~ August 2015 ~ Day 3

Today was birthday party day! Riley went with Chunky and the grandparents this morning.  We all went to the Farmer's Market where Water's Farm has a booth.  Found a few things to buy, plus found someone who had friendship bread!!  She was friends with Aunt Sandy - so she got me a starter bag!!  So excited to have a bag of Amish Friendship Bread again! 

After the farmers market  -we went to Burgess Falls State Park.  Roger and Samantha walked the trail - I sat and waited for them...

After they walked the trail, we went back to the farm to help get ready for the party. There are a couple of barns - that are falling down- that made for a pretty pictures!  

Riley and Chunky helped tons ~ here's Riley tossing hay to the trailer.

Fun hay ride ~ to get the hay down to the party area.

Grandma with some of the grand kids and great grand kids~

Grandma's party ~

Tomorrow will be a long day on the road to get back home!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tennessee Trip ~ August 2015 ~ Day 2

Friday morning we finished the journey to Cookeville.  Grandma was surprised to see all of us - there were 7 of us from AR, family from WV and SC also.  She teased abut us giving her a heart attack.

We got the grand tour of Uncle Randy and Aunt Sandy's farm:

After the tour, we hung out at the farm for a while then back up the road to their house.  Dinner and lots of visiting and catching up made for a great evening!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Traveling Arkansas ~ to get to Tennessee

Roger's grandma turns 80 on September 1, so we are heading over there this weekend to surprise her. Aunt Sandy and Uncle Randy are having a party for her at their farm. 

We decided to take an extra day to drive over and hit up the Arkansas Parks on the way! This year for history, we are doing Arkansas History (so, there will be some blog posts about local travels this year as well!). Also, we like to geocache - not that great at it, but enjoy it. Arkansas State Parks has a geocache program, find all 52 ASP caches and copy down the code. After you find them all, you can add the codes to get the coordinates for a special 53rd cache. We have about 5 right now, hopefully we can collect them all! 

First park we went to was Arkansas Plantation Museum. Found that cache quickly, and the museum wasn't open, so we moved on to the next one. 

Next, Toltec Mounds. That was an easy cache also, and they didn't appear to be open, but as we were leaving, we noticed the sign said they were...  Fortunately, Toltec is one of the closest to us, so we can go back there and visit for history later! 

The kiddos and I, along with my mom and niece, had been to Louisiana Purchase State Park before - nothing impressive, basically a land marker- but they have a cache- that we couldn't find before! Roger is pretty good at finding them, so since it was (kinda) on the way, we made him go down there. We searched for a few minutes and then poof - there it was! Riley found it- and we feel pretty sure it was there before when we searched! 

Next stop was Delta Heritage Trail State Park. Turns out the cache was hidden a mile down the trail, so  Roger and the kiddos headed to find it and I went to get water for all. Took them about 30 minutes or so to get down there and back. They found it right away though. 

Last park stop for the day- in Arkansas- was Mississippi River State Park. Brand new - very nice- visitors center. No cache. Well, there was a cache, but it wasn't listed correctly in the app, and we don't have a GPS for this. The park interpreter who was working was super nice and dug around on the computer to see if they could find the code for us - since they couldn't help us find the actual cache. They did find a code and shared it with me, but did say that all the ASP share folders, so no promises that it was the correct code! We wrote it down anyways- and if we happen to come across it at another park, then we will make another trip back to Mississippi River Park. 

Finishing up there, we were starting to get hungry and we were headed to Bass Pro in Memphis. They have a bowling alley with restaurant inside, so that was our goal for a late lunch! The food was good... the service, however, not so much. The inside of the bowling alley was pretty neat, decorations were cool. Riley had a few things he wanted for his upcoming hiking trip, so we shopped around afterwards. We were going to ride the really cool glass elevator to the look out at the top- but not for $10 each!! Once we were done shopping - back on the road- just in time for rush hour traffic in Memphis!! 

Our final destination for this evening is Dickinson. We were meeting Roger's parents there- but I was out long before they arrived.